Windom Leasing

Do not wait for your customers to pay you - get your money immediately.

With us, you no longer have to wait for your customers to pay their bills - get your money immediately for delivered products and services.

What is factoring?

Factoring is a convenient way to quickly increase working capital and increase the stability of your company.

Need to increase working capital and close the cash gap?

Get paid quickly with Windom Leasing

Have doubts
about a supplier?

Minimize the risk of non-payment of shipped goods

Want to expand
your customer base?

Offer your buyer a convenient payment scheme for goods

Why choose factoring?

Higher liquidity

Enhanced creditworthiness, better competitive position

Factoring takes over collection of accounts receivable, contact with debtors

Factoring is easy!


This is us - Windom Leasing - an independent factoring company


Seller of goods and services as 'Client' in factoring transactions


Buyer of goods and services referred to as "Debtor' in factoring transactions

Why is factoring from Windom Leasing suitable for you?

You no longer need to wait for payments for weeks for the services provided

You get "real" money

Finance new orders and grow your business

Still have any questions?

We'll answer even simplier way to you by phone or email, and we'll also select the most desirable conditions for you!

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